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Magicshine ALLTY 1000

QAR 300



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According to the research, daytime running lights reduce cyclist accidents by 32%;  ALLTY 1000, the world first 1000 lumen bike light

that combines an independent unit as daytime running light(DRL). The DRL has 25 lumens, and can light for up to 28.5 hours, bright enough to attract

people’s eyes from 200 meters away and not to hurt their view.And this product won international red dot award in 2019, was acknowledged by international

industry specialists.

  • Magicshine's NEW Bike Headlight with Independent DRL (Daytime Running Light) ? 80% of cycling accidents happen during the day, studies show riders with permanent running day time visible lights are 19% less accident prone than a control group not using lights. The DRL on Allty 1000 is there to enhance your road presence at moderate distance without blinding motorists and pedestrians.
  • Single CREE XP-L LED, 1000 Lumens of Max Output ? The main light of Allty 1000 has 3 brightness settings at 1000, 500 and 250 lumens. The DRL runs consistently at 25 lumens and can be turned on without the main light.
  • 3 Brightness Settings and 2 Flash Settings ? 100% 50% and 25% brightness levels with regular (0-1000 lumen) and irregular (0-500 lumen) flashes.
  • Latest Super High Capacity Battery Cell ? 4000 mAh ? Up to 1.8 hours on highest brightness and 12.5 hours on lowest. 3 and 7.2 hours on regular, irregular flash modes; DRL alone will run the battery for 28.5 hours
  • Garmin Compatible Mount ? Handlebar mount needs to be secured with a hex key(included) Once installed the mount stays in place. Default straps should fit most handlebar shapes and sizes. Helmet mount available separately.


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